Friday, 10 February 2012

FO: Halloween Quilt

It's done! I finally finished sewing the binding on yesterday just before my husband got home from work. I really love this quilt, though I'm yet to experience the glow in the dark thread actually glowing :-s

I absolutely adore the backing fabric for this quilt. It was a bargain from Ebay and I ended up buying far too much. When I planned the quilt I was expecting it to be wider so I calculated my backing fabric based on having to join it to cover the back. Then as I was making the blocks I decided to just make it lap quilt size and it meant the 54" wide fabric was wide enough, so I now have a nice little stash of it for more Halloween projects.

Now, do you want to see the front????

Some of the fabric is from the Eerie Alley range, others are from various sources that I've picked up at quilt shows, fabric sales and a few bits bought especially for this project. The fabric in the corners and the thread used for quilting is Glow In The Dark (or at least supposed to be...). It's been quilted with a spider's web. The quilting is far from perfect on this. I found that sewing at my usual quilting speed was causing the glow in the dark thread to get caught on a part of my machine so I had to sew slower and keep my eye out for it catching. The binding I did in random lengths of fabric leftover from the blocks, just checking to make sure there would be no joins in the corners.