Monday, 6 February 2012

Wonderful Weekend

Well despite both me and my husband being ill on Friday (and a little ill on Saturday) we managed to have a lovely weekend. We took it easy on Saturday, playing with the kids at home watching the snow falling outside. Feeling much better after lunch on Saturday, I spent the early evening crafting. I'm taking part in a Heart Swap on the CNA forum so I can't show the finished item. There was lots of scope for doing your own thing on this swap; it wasn't a sewing swap or a knitting swap, it was purely a "heart" swap open to your own interpretation. All I will say is I've been fancying making this item for a while now and I'm really pleased with the finished item. There will be a reveal on here when swap partners have been revealed on the forum.

I spent Saturday evening finishing off the Paloma Infinity Scarf. I've been a bit naughty with this...see, the husband bought the yarn for me to knit him a cowl and I apparently became knitting impaired LOL. I managed to start knitting with the tail end twice, then I had interchangeable needle failure (yes, I failed to tighten the points onto the cables well enough and it fell off) so the project got shoved in a bag for a while. Anyway, when I saw the Paloma pattern I decided I'd make a crocheted one instead. I was quite surprised that my husband didn't mind me making the hugely long version and here it is (ignore his somewhat grumpy look...he was trying to be "cool"  hahaha)

Sunday morning was spent making binding for THAT Halloween quilt I abandoned in the run up to Christmas. It's now sewn to the front of the quilt and I just have to hand sew it to the back. Expect a finished pic soon!

In the afternoon I took Erin to see Dick Whittington at the local town hall. I *think* she enjoyed it though she did admit part way through that she was scared because "they're using fireworks inside and you're not allowed fireworks inside". She certainly did a bit of dancing and clapping.

That evening we watched a film and I tasked my lovely husband with rethreading my overlocker (I hate that job). Then I cut up a jumper to finish my ripple cushion in a similar way to the Attic24 method here. Ok, so it's a little lie as it's not totally finished yet, I've to tidy up the ends but I couldn't wait to reveal the pics so I flipped it right way out. I need to get a cushion pad for it as the ones I had were too big.

and I did a row of US single crochet (UK double crochet) to finish off the back nicely. I didn't add buttons mainly because it's not a particularly big cushion.

Hopefully it won't be long until the granny square cushion is finished too. There's just loads of ends to weave in.

So, a very productive weekend and lots of family fun.Wonderful!

Oh and I have to share this. Ages ago I bought a wire with gold polystyrene hearts and some matching pegs to hang our Christmas cards from. Over Christmas Erin made a picture which I pegged up on it on top of the cards and it gave me a great idea. I would leave it up all year round and display pictures by both the kids.

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