Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A New Look

Not for the blog, but for our home. Our living room carpet has looked awful for quite some time now. It's embarrassingly grubby; the result of two children. I don't think it ever recovered from the time Erin threw up strawberry & banana smoothie all over it. However Orla isn't potty trained yet (what happened to second children 'getting things' quicker???!!! Erin had been trained for 8 months by the time she was Orla's age), so we've basically been putting up with it "because it's not worth changing before that".

Until the other day, when I looked down and realised there's a big threadbare section. It's just not going to last long enough. Luckily we had some money leftover last month so we started pondering whether to get carpet again. Eventually we decided to head up to Ikea to check out their rugs - at least that might get us through the potty training stage. Of course, the husband wasn't keen on the only cheap one that co-ordinated with the living room, so instead of a £20 rug we came home with 6 packs of laminate and a roll of underlay. Oh and a shelf.

The plan is that my husband will lay the flooring at the weekend. But wouldn't it just be wrong to lay that nice new floor when the paintwork is a bit grubby? Yes, I've bought paint for the living room. And while I'm at it, it would be terrible to paint the living room when we're so fed up of the bedroom colour, wouldn't it? Yes, I've bought paint for the bedroom too!

So, the first colour is on the bedroom. Both coats. I don't hang about. I might get stupid ideas to paint two rooms in less than 5 days but at least it gets done! Last wall is getting painted this afternoon or this evening (depending on whether the kids go to sleep this afternoon). Did I mention I'm doing this in half term?

The living room has two coats done on two walls and one on the other two, so still another coat to do on those. We also need to swap the paint we got for the chimney breast. My husband distributed the paint tubs and managed to mix up the bedroom grey with the living room grey. They're very similar in the tubs so I didn't notice until it was on the walls but I actually prefer it the wrong way round, except that the burgundy for the chimney will not go with the grey that's now on the living room walls so we're going to change it for a teal colour (as long as I can convince the husband to go for it, he's still not quite sure about that idea).

If it all goes to plan the house should be sorted by the end of the weekend.

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  1. Eek decorating in half term, you have my admiration! Sounds lovely, you should post pics when you're done :-)