Friday, 17 February 2012

FO: Granny Ripple Blanket

Well, I've finished the Granny Ripple blanket after managing to fit in 11 stripes yesterday and 4 this morning. I then had 110 ends to weave in!

So here it is, 55 stripes of Stylecraft Special DK in parchment, grey, lipstick, teal and graphite. I used 2 balls each of grey, lipstick & teal, a single ball of graphite and a little over a ball of parchment.

I slightly altered the start of the pattern as I found that (a) the stitch count seemed wrong and (b) it looked a little messy just working into every 3rd stitch of the foundation chain so I worked a row of US single crochet first. I also haven't put a border on.

This is a bit longer than I would have made it because I wanted it slightly longer than 5 colour repeats so had to do 6 repeats, it could have done with being 5 1/2 really but it'll just be more snuggly.

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