Wednesday, 15 February 2012

UPDATE: New Look

Well the bedroom is done! I really like it, as it feels a lot more warm and cozy than the dreary brown. Here's a couple of terrible pics (taken very late last night when we finally got finished in there)

All we need now is a new shade for the ceiling light and two table lamps. Speaking of which, we have decided we like the plum so much it's on the chimney breast in the living room too (well, it was supposed to be paired with that grey!) so the money we've saved from the extra colour will buy us 2 lamps and a shade.

I find it really interesting how the two greys make the plum look different.

Still a long way to go in the living room so excuse the mess!

Oh and before I forget, I bought this Dutalier chair way back when I was pregnant with Erin (so about 5 years ago). It was a bargain from Ebay at only £65, including a (long since departed) footstool. The covers were a little faded then and it's had 5 years of daily use since. They now have marks all over, a few holes and the foam padding is on its last legs, so I'm going to give it a face lift. I have some fabric in a lovely grey with white spots  and I'll replace the padding too. Just need to find the time and space to cut the fabric and sew it together.

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