Monday, 16 April 2012


In case anyone was wondering what has happened to Herman, I thought I'd do an update. We were away Easter weekend so we took Herman with us (he had to be stirred everyday) and I was meant to split it on the Monday then cook something with it on the Tuesday.

I tried my best to give the 4 extra portions to my family but none of them would take it. They seem to think spending 10 days looking after cake mixture is madness (well, ok, maybe they have a point there...I did take it on holiday with me after all).

With being away and not getting back until late I also wasn't able to give any away to anyone we know down here. So, thinks I, never mind....more cake for us. I had the best of intentions on Tuesday but discovered I had a teeny amount of self-raising flour left so couldn't make anything.Never mind, I've been baking this morning after stirring the mixture for a few extra days.

The second recipe I followed was for the Double Chocolate cake. I didn't have any chocolate chips or chopped nuts so I used chocolate buttons instead. I'm slightly worried that the cake is actually totally stuck to the tin despite much greasing beforehand.

The first recipe I made, which took longer to cook and so ended up being photographed second, is a Fruit Cake. I have to say, it certainly smells lovely.

Again I didn't have all the ingredients it suggested so I did my best with what I had. It has currants and dried cranberries in.

We'll see what they taste like this evening when my husband gets in from work, unless I get too tempted by the chocolate cake.


  1. You need a portion of Herman Friendship cake plus the following:

    Double Chocolate cake needs:
    Cup butter
    Cup white sugar
    Cup brown sugar
    4 eggs
    Cup unsweetened cocoa
    Cup Self-raising Flour
    tsp salt
    1 tbsp vanilla essense
    Cup choc chips
    cup nuts (I missed these out)
    Bake in 9" square pan

    Fruit cake needs:
    150g Self-raising flour
    100g chopped nuts/raisins (I used currents)
    200ml oil
    half tsp baking powder
    2 tsp cinnamon
    3 eggs
    2 grated apples (I swapped for dried cranberries)
    Bake in loaf tin

    The cook in a pre-heated oven (170) but there were no timiings so I had to just keep checking.