Wednesday, 11 April 2012

WIP Wednesday

I almost forgot that it's Wednesday. I think with the bank holiday it has felt like Tuesday all day. Anyway, not much progress has been made on my current projects with it being the school holidays and being away over the weekend. The only thing I've done is 4 rows on my Simple Shawl.

However I have set upon two new projects. Yes, I know I already have far too many on the go but there's a reason for these, really :-/

Firstly I've ordered some hexagon paper pieces for some hand quilting. When I was in Keswick at the weekend I spotted a cushion in a shop window and had to take a closer look. To my disappointment it was a printed panel that had then been (badly) quilted but it did make me think that I really should start a hexagon quilt. I absolutely love them when I've seen them at shows/exhibitions/museums.

The other reason for starting one of these now is because I'm not really getting chance to study during the 9-5 day. Orla sometimes doesn't nap and my current course needs total concentration. I wanted something on the go that I can do in the living room (i.e. without a machine) that I can pick up & put down as much as I need to. I don't really have much enthusiasm for cutting my own papers though so I'm being lazy and have ordered them online.

I'm planning on making it from scraps and adding to it as I go along. It is most definitely a long term project, don't expect a Finished Object post anytime soon!

And that leads me to the reason for my other new project. I spotted this tutorial by Red Pepper Quilts for a Postage Stamp Quilt. It seems like a good idea to do both scrap projects at once so that I can make the most of the scraps. So today, I've been cutting jelly roll strips for it. I've decided that rather than follow the tutorial as it is, I'm adjusting it for 2 1/2 inch strips rather than 2 inch ones, mainly to save myself a lot of cutting as I have a lot of jelly roll strip scraps.

I got these cut this afternoon with Erin watching me. She's taking quite an interest in my crafting since I let her try out my sewing machine last week

It was pretty good for her first attempt! She took it to show all the relatives too.

So, while I cut out for the postage stamp quilt, she collected the offcuts for hexagons and the selvedges to play with. A teapot has become her fabric stash pot!!!


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