Friday, 13 April 2012

Friday Fail!

First off, there's no finished object this Friday because, well, I just haven't finished anything. I've been far too busy starting new projects.

Second fail is that it's my eldest's birthday today and her present has yet to arrive . Do I win a bad mummy award? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it arrives today, the courier's website seems to suggest it will but whether we'll be in is another matter. Luckily she's not bothered if she has to wait an extra day or two for it. It's taken her ages to think of something she actually wants, so has ended up with money from most people but she did have some presents to open

and she's most impressed with the Hello Kitty rosette from Gran & Grandad

although she's having to fend off her little sister, who has also taken a liking to it!


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