Friday, 27 April 2012

Craft Your Perfect Day 3KCBWWC

Ok, so I'm really struggling with Day 5's topic of finding a new way of blogging. Perhaps it's because the techie person in me wants to do something very technically challenging and the creative side of me wants to do something that's simple but creatively impressive. So, I'm doing the Wildcard option instead today!

So, what does my perfect craft day involve?

Well first off I'd love to spend it at RiversMEET, where I go to a sewing group and where I teach workshops in crochet, felting and dyeing. Not only is it a great space for crafting but I just love drinking tea from a vintage china tea cup and the lemon drizzle cake is to die for!

The whole place is so inspiring, perhaps because I got to see it being taken from a pub to this:

Secondly, my day would have to involve lots of friends who craft. We would all sit around drinking tea & coffee and eating cake (lots of cake!).

Thirdly there's be lots of crafts to do. We could do some crochet and some knitting and some sewing and quilting. We'd all share our skills. we'd read some of the books & magazines Joanne has in her craft room.

Fourthly we'd craft until late! After all, the coffee and cake is bound to keep us going late into the night...


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