Friday, 20 April 2012

FO Friday: A Very Quick Make!

Ok, so I hadn't even started this when I wrote the last post but after seeing Laymon's finished owl on her blog I decided to add the Ana Clerc pattern to my Ravelry queue. I decided to have a quick read of it and thought it would be quick....and it was! I've done the crochet version of it as dpn's scare me.

Here it is finished with some buttons from my button jar for eyes and a little bit of grey felt for the beak (I didn't have any yellow). The brown was some leftover yarn in my basket, so I think it's Jarol Heritage DK.

And a bit closer:



  1. I've made the knitted version of it tonight...just need to sew it up and add it's face. If you want me to convert the knitted pattern so you can use straight needles I can.

    1. Did you use dpn's or magic loop? I can magic loop but don't know if I have the right size needles. I'm really slow knitting flat! Well I'm slow at knitting however I do it but especially slow at knitting flat when I know I have to sew up at the end. I slip stitched the crocheted owl closed rather than sew it closed.

    2. I used magic loop, but to be honest, it would be easier with DPN's because it has 4 sides and is quite small.

      I've done the knitted one now and I prefer the crocheted version so you might not want to make it anyway.