Thursday, 12 April 2012

If there's one thing I hate...

Ok, there's definitely more than one thing I hate. I hate lots of things actually but let me stick to the point. One of the things I don't enjoy when I'm quilting is cutting across the width of the fabric. It's down to the fact my big cutting mat isn't great quality and I just can't get as excited about buying a big green mat as I get about buying more fabric. 

That is why I like jelly rolls. They've done that work for me. I get to just do the fun bit of cutting and then can get on with the sewing. That is why the one thing I really, really hate is badly cut strips in jelly rolls. I don't know whether I'm just unlucky but I've had two badly cut Fabric Freedom jelly rolls.

So, what do you do when you get a badly cut jelly roll? The first one I carried on regardless and then gave up when everything was difficult to match up (though there seemed to be an error in the quilt pattern I used too) so it's sitting waiting for me to find the patience to sort it out.

With the latest one, I've also decided to go ahead and use it as is. I'm doing a granny square quilt by following this tutorial from I'm A Ginger Monkey as I wanted something quick to make in case it's horrendously bad.

I'm just waiting on my Kona Cotton in Snow to arrive (ordered late last night) to finish each strip set off.

It definitely seems to be a quick make. I picked out the strips I wanted to use last night and trimmed them to the right length (i.e. cut each strip in half), then sewed the strip sets together this afternoon. I got about half done before the kids woke up and luckily they played nicely while I finished the other half.

The original tutorial by Blue Elephant Stitches used 20 granny squares to make a quilt 50" x 60" but I noticed Katy had made 32 squares. I've settled in the middle and am making 3 lots of 8 blocks so 24. I figured if I use 20 squares I'll have 4 leftover for cushions or I can see what it looks like when they're made with various layouts. I've plenty of jelly roll strips left if I decide I want to make a few more blocks.

So, what's your crafting pet hate? Have you made anything with a badly cut jelly roll (feel free to link to your finished items, I'd love to see them!)?


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