Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Photography Challenge Day 3KCBWDAY2

It's photography challenge day! Eek, this was the day I was most worried about. I always think my photos are lacking.

I was actually inspired to take this picture by the lego photo on the Eskimimi Makes blog. I think the reason I'm so inspired by that photo is because I didn't find my creative side until I had my first child.

Anyway, I wanted to feature my owls in the photo and, as I have a family of them, I thought about what we like doing as a family. Recently my kids have been sent a My Little Pony train set to product test and they've been playing with it loads. Then this thought popped into my head; my kids love going on the train...maybe the owl family would like it too.

I couldn't resist playing with my Instagram app too, so here is my photograph entry:

I also couldn't resist using my Neat Ripple blanket for the backdrop.

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  1. Hehe lovely.

    What's your id on instagram? I'll add you.

  2. My first thought: owls and trains both say "hoo hoo!" Cute picture :)

  3. I'd call the picture "Hedwig on the Hogwarts Express" :D

  4. Hello from a fellow indie dyer and instagram addict *wave* Very cute picture!! love owls!!